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5.00pm                                                                      Ref/Field

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Magpies v Tigers(Lucas)Field 3B

U8 Mixed        Kings  v  Rugrats                (Byron) Field 3A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Parrots v Cubs    (Nat)Field 5A

U8 Mixed        Clippers  v  Lions               (Mitchie) Field 2B

U8 Mixed        The Pirates  v  Dragons      (Kyran) Field 4A

                        Tiger Cubs BYE

U10 Boys        Cobras  v  Eagles                          (Raels) F2A

U10 Boys        Gladiators v Pullenvale Timbers      (Tyler) F1A

U10 Boys        Red Belly Blacks v Redback Spiders(Madz)F4B

U10 Girls        The Sapphires  vMagical Mermaids  (Tess)F1B


U10 Boys        Avengers  v Pullenvale Pioneers  (Kyran)F5A

U10 Boys        Panthers  v  Cubs                      (Madz) F3A

U10 Boys        Hot Steppers v Renagade Raiders(Tess) F4B

                        Mini Ruckers  BYE

U10 Girls        Squad Girls  v  Pullenvale        (Nat)F4A

U10 Girls        Starlets  v  Lightning               (Lucas) F3B

                        Unicorns  BYE

 U12 Boys

5.40pm            Pullenvale Mixed  vMighty Rucks(Brock/By)F2

6.15pm            The Raptors  v  Mac & Cheese      (Madz) F3

7.00pm            Bombers  v  Ipswich Cats             (Tyler)F2

                        Pullenvale  BYE

 U12 Girls

5.40pm            The Bullets  v  Funky Monkeys  (Tyler/Mitch) F1

6.15pm            Jamboree Heights  v  Rebels    (Tess)F1

7.00pm            Vipers  v  Quick Chicks            (Tess)F1

7.00pm            Pullenvale  v  Bluejays            (Madz) F3

U14 Boys

6.15pm            Rhonda Miners  v  Blitz         (Tyler/Mitch) F2

6.15pm            Individuals  v  Fruit Tingles   (Brock)F4

7.00pm            Strikers  v  Watermalones    (Brock)F4


5.00pm                                                                    Ref/Field

U8 Mixed        Clippers  v  Tigers              (Lucas)Field 5A

U8 Mixed        Kings  v  Lions                   (Byron)Field 3A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Parrots v Pullenvale Magpies(Nat) Field 3B

U8 Mixed        Cubs  v  Dragons               (Mitchie)Field 4A

U8 Mixed        The Pirates  v  Tiger Cubs   (Gary) Field 2B

                        Rugrats BYE

U10 Boys        Cobras  v  Avengers          (Raels) Field 4B

U10 Boys        Eagles  v  Hot Steppers      (Tyler) Field 1A

U10 Boys        Panthers v Pullenvale Timbers(Madz)Field 2A

U10 Girls        Squad GirlsvMagical Mermaids(Tess) Field 1B


U10 Boys        Renagade Raiders v Pullenvale Pioneers(Tess)Field 3A

U10 Boys        Gladiators  v  Cubs                    (Mitchie) Field 5A

U10 Boys        Red Belly Blacks  v Mini Ruckers  (Byron)Field 4B

                        Redback Spiders BYE

U10 Girls        Unicorns  v  Pullenvale         (Nat)Field 4A

U10 Girls        Starlets  v  The Sapphires     (Lucas)Field 3B

                        Lightning  BYE

 U12 Boys

6.15pm            Bombers  v  Mighty Rucks            (Mitch/By) F3

6.15pm            Pullenvale  v  Ipswich Cats           (Madz)F1

7.00pm            Pullenvale MixedvMac & Cheese(Mitch/By)F2

                        The Raptors BYE

 U12 Girls

5.40pm            Bluejays  v  Jamboree Heights(Tyler) F1

5.40pm            Vipers  v  The Bullets              (Madz)F2

6.15pm            Quick ChicksvFunky Monkeys(Tess)F4

7.00pm            Pullenvale  v  Rebels              (Madz) F4

U14 Boys

6.15pm            Strikers  v  Fruit Tingles        (Tyler) F2

7.00pm            Individuals  v  Blitz               (Tess)F1

7.00pm            Rhonda Minersv Watermalones(Tyler) F3


5.00pm                                                                         Ref/Field

U8 Mixed        The Pirates  v  Tigers                  (Kyran) Field 2B

U8 Mixed        Cubs  v  Rugrats                         (Byron) Field 3A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Parrots v  Clippers        (Nat) Field 3B

U8 Mixed        Kings  v  Dragons                        (Mitchie) Field 4A

U8 Mixed        Pullenvale Magpies  v  Tiger Cubs(Gary) Field 5A

                        Lions BYE

U10 Boys        Cobras  v  Taipans                 (Raels) Field 1A

U10 Boys        Eagles  v  Mini Ruckers           (Brock)Field 4B

U10 Boys        Red Belly Blacks v Gladiators   (Tyler)Field 2A

U10 Girls        Unicorns  v  Magical Mermaids  (Tess)Field 1B


U10 Boys        Renagade RaidersvRedback Spiders (Tess) Field 3A

U10 Boys        Panthers  v  Hot Steppers            (Mitchie) Field 5A

U10 Boys        Avengers  v Pullenvale Timbers    (Kyran)Field 4B

                        Pullenvale Pioneers & Cubs BYE

U10 Girls        The Sapphires  v  Lightning        (Nat)Field 4A

U10 Girls        Starlets  v  Squad Girls              (Byron)Field 3B

                        Pullenvale  BYE

 U12 Boys

5.40pm            Mac & Cheese  v  Mighty Rucks    (Tyler)F1

6.15pm            Pullenvale Mixed  v  Ipswich Cats(Tyler)F4

7.00pm            Pullenvale  v  The Raptors          (Brock) F4

                        Bombers BYE

 U12 Girls

5.40pm            Vipers  v  Jamboree Heights  (Brock) F2

6.15pm            Rebels  v  The Bullets           (Mitchie)F3

7.00pm            Quick Chicks  v  Bluejays       (Mitchie)F2

7.00pm            Pullenvale  v  Funky Monkeys(Tess)F1

U14 Boys

6.15pm            Individuals  v  Rhonda Miners  (Tess) F2

6.15pm            Fruit Tingles  v  Watermalones(Brock)F1

7.00pm            Strikers  v  Blitz                     (Tyler) F3

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