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Wet Weather

Generally the ITA does not readily cancel games, as we do not replay washed out games, so we try to leave our decision to cancel until very late in the afternoon. So hold off on your enquiries until after 5.00pm, or better still wait until just before you need to leave home for your game.

If wet weather or adverse weather conditions are threatening, and nothing has been advised on the website, please check with your team manger/official to find out whether Touch is cancelled or not. We ask that players / managers do not assume Touch will be called off because of rain / storms - always check.

Games are generally only cancelled for the following reasons;

  • Severe / close streak lightning at the fields.
  • Hail storms at the fields.
  • After excessive rain where water is left lying on the fields.
  • Protection of fields long term.


Obviously most of the above conditions are dangerous to players and this is our primary concern. A secondary concern and another reason we sometimes cancel games, is the protection of the fields, where it may be safe for players to play (albeit muddy), it would be detrimental to the state of the fields for the rest of the season and it contravenes instructions we have from the caretakers of the fields - Ipswich City Council.

Please be aware, that storms are unpredictable and will sometimes roll in just before fixtures start or during play, they may even change direction at the last minute and move away after we have called games off. Let us just state that we are not weather forecasters and therefore cannot always accurately plot whether or not a storm will affect game play. We apologise ahead of time, if you have driven all the way to the fields only to get turned away as soon as you get there - but that is mother nature.


Notification by:


We try to update the home page of the website as soon as a decision about play has been made, but as per above, the decision however is sometimes not made until after 5.00pm.


Dangerous Conditions / Flash Flooding
Please note that when rain has fallen, it is much safer to utilise the proper carpark area. The grassed hill areas near the clubhouse and along the joining street are notorious for becoming very slippery and greasy, the channel is also prone to flash floods. In past years/seasons, even the slightest amount of rain has caused cars to start slipping down the hill. Extreme cases after much heavier rain (which can come in one heavy shower), has seen cars slide down the hill with no-one in the car in control, just the ground giving way underneath the car. We therefore plead with you to please protect yourselves and your cars by only using the proper carpark during wet weather.

These hilly areas are not deemed carpark by the land owners: Ipswich City Council - you park there at your own risk.